Voice for Life

Who We Are

Voice for Life is a lay organization dedicated to living the Catholic faith to the fullest and utilizing the teachings to promote the sanctity of life and combat the immoral forces that threaten it.

The purpose of Voice for Life is to serve the Catholic community of the Diocese of Springfield-Cape Girardeau and unite it with all pro-life organizations, Christian churches and others in an effort to secure civil protection of all life from conception to natural death.

Voice for Life supports and encourages participation in pro-life organizations

The aim for Voice for Life is to encourage all Christians, especially Catholics, to participate in pro-life efforts and spiritual renewal to bring the nation back to its heritage of true freedom and morality.

Voice for Life
President: Kathleen Keesee
2439 Glenridge Dr, Cape Girardeau, MO 63701
573-334-7298; email: kkeesee@charter.net

Pro-Life Organizations
Missouri Catholic Conference (MCC)
PO Box 1022
Jefferson City, MO 65012
573-635-7239, www.mocatholic.org

Missouri Right to Life (MRL)
State Office
PO Box 651
Jefferson City MO 65102
573-635-5110, www.missourilife.org

Vitae Caring Foundation (TV/Radio)
PO Box 791
Jefferson, MO 65102
573-634-4316, www.vitaecaringfoundation.org

Project Rachel (Post Abortion Help)
Post Abortive Help for Mothers and Fathers
Troy Casteel 417-866-0841
Hannah Wisdom, 417-466-7810

Natural Family Planning (NFP)
Springfield-Cape Girardeau Diocese
Troy Casteel, Family Life Director
601 S Jefferson Ave
Springfield, MO 65802
Diocesan NFP Coordinator
Patty Straus, 417-889-7168 or 417-840-5494

Services for Pregnant Women
Catholic Charities, 417-866-0841
Birthright, Cape Girardeau, 573-335-0750
Pregnancy Care, Cape Girardeau, 573-335-8495
Options for Women, Cape Girardeau, 573-339-2032

Missouri Right to Life Chapters
Southeast Region–Chairman: Ray Rowland, 573-624-7888
Dent, Shannon, Oregon, Iron, Reynolds, Carter, Ripley, Madison, Wayne, Butler, Bollinger, Stoddard, Dunklin, Pemiscot, New Madrid, Mississippi, Scott, Cape Girardeau