Growing in Faith Capital Campaign

Growing in Faith Capital Campaign

Growing in Faith-Capital Campaign Project

Thanks to those who have responded and completed their 3rd year school pledges.  As you can see construction is well under way and the basement of the kitchen is now being excavated.  Soon we will be needing to contact people to help us complete this project.  Our 4th and 5th year pledges are critical to us avoiding a large future loan repayment.  Please be generous when contacted.  —Fr. Joe W.

Thank you! If you have not yet made your pledge, add your gift, whatever the amount, in unity with those who have already given by returning a pledge card.

Cash or Checks are accepted but due to minimal requests, we are unable to offer credit card payments or electronic funds transfer. 


Construction of our new Cafeteria and Kitchen is well underway! Please support this effort and investment in St. Augustine School…in any way that you can!


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